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Villa Casale

Rental villa near Teramo in Abruzzo Italy

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I Capi (the bosses)


John Ulissi - Dual US-American citizen and owner of John Ulissi Photography in Pennsville, NJ.
Stephen Mark Ulissi - (Retired) psychologist living in Bethesda, MD.  Wrote the story The House with No Bidet (see History) about building CasaleThe grandparents of John and Stephen Mark emigrated to America from Valle San Giovanni. The brothers have carried out a bit of genealogical research on the Ulissi Family.
Paolo - Your main contact. He co-owns a small grocery store with his wife and mother. He will get you situated in the house.


Silvio & Gabriele - two of cousins living in Valle San Giovanni.  One is an electrician and the other happens to be a plumber.   How lucky can you get?