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Villa Casale

Rental villa near Teramo in Abruzzo Italy

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Villa Casale - Located near Teramo in Abruzzo Italy
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Directions from Rome and Teramo


From FiumicinoAirport:  Take the autostrada headed towards Rome.Go about 10 km or 6 miles.The autostrada continues into Rome.There is a road that bears off to the right called the GRA (Gran Raccordo Annulare), the beltway/ringroad of Rome.The sign will mention Naples.Get on the GRA.Do not take the towardsNaples but rather continue on the GRA until you see the turnoff for the A24 (Teramo, L’Aquila/Chieti).Be careful because the signs for the turnoff are not all that big.Take the A24.Then proceed as per below.

From Downtown Rome:  You need a map.Go to the A24 which heads out of Rome towards the east/northeast.Then proceed as per below. 

From the GRA follow the A24.Go about 170 km.Do not take turnoff towards Chieti.Pay the toll (about 9 euros) then go to the Teramo exit.


After your reach Teramo:  Take Viale Crucioli which is also SS80.A sign will say “L’aquila/Roma”.You will be heading west.  Stay on the SS80 for 5.7 km.Right past the bridge in the Contrada Villa Tordinia get into the left turn lane.  You will see a sign that says “Frondarola/Cortino/Valle San Giovanni.”Take the left turn onto the SP46.Go a very short distance (80 meters, 200 feet or so).   You will see a sign for “Cortino/Padula/Valle San Giovanni.”Take this right turn.Go 2.8km. There will be a fork in the road with a sign that shows Valle San Giovani to the left.


You have arrived!  Once in the town ask anyone and they will point to Paolo Riccioni’s grocery store.Just in case you should carry his phone numbers with you.  Villa Casale is directly behind the only church in the village.

 VSG   Casale